Rice Doctor Assam App 2022 Download To Get Help in Rice Crop

Rice Doctor Assam App
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Rice Doctor Assam App 2022

Rice is the major crop in India as well as in the world. China stood first in the production of rice and India stood second in the production. The Government of Assam is taking major steps to increase the production of rice in the Northeastern part of India. But Paddy crops get affected by various types of diseases and insects which result in damage to the paddy crops. To curb the disease of the paddy, the Government of Assam Launched the Rice Doctor Assam App. In this article, we will talk about how to download the app and we will also discuss how this app works. To know all the details, read this article till the end.

What is the Rice Doctor Assam App?

Rice Doctor App was launched by the Government of Assam with the support of Assam Agricultural University and the international rice research institute Guwahati under the Assam agribusiness & rural transformation Project. This app provides accurate and timely diagnosis of insects and pests and diseases in paddy fields. Rice Doctor is a diagnostic tool that provides help in fighting against about 80 crop problems caused by insects, diseases, Pests, and nutritional imbalances in the Paddy crop. RKB Assam has introduced the specifications of the app and the proper steps to download the app.

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Overview of Rice Doctor Assam App

Topic NameRice Doctor Assam App 
Launched ByAssam Agricultural University 
Department Rice Knowledge Bank 
Beneficiaries Farmers
Official Website https://www.rkbassam.in

The Objectives of the Rice Doctor App 

Rice Doctor Assam App
  • To increase the productivity and profitability of small and marginal farmers of the state through rice-based farming.
  • To give a better understanding of the disease and pest control through the Rice Doctor diagnostic tool.
  • International rice research institute (IRRI) Guwahati is dedicated to giving support to the Rice Knowledge Bank (RKB) for helping farmers of the Assam state.
  • To provide management and prevention options to farmers
  • To give an instant diagnosis of about 80 crop problems like disease, insects, pests, and disease to farmers. 

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How to Download the Rice Doctor App Assam?

Rice Knowledge’s bank’s official website has implemented the process of the Rice Doctor app download through its portal. To download the app you can follow the below steps 

Rice Doctor Assam App
  • The first step is to visit the official website of the Rice Knowledge Bank (RKB).
  • Click here to go to the Official Website of the Rice Doctor Assam
  • You will land on the homepage of the official website, now you will see the options to download the App.
  • You can Scan the Barcode given on the website to download it.
  • You can also Click Here to download directly through the Play Store.

Working of the Rice Doctor App

Rice Doctor Assam App

The Paddy doctor app gives us a diagnosis of about 80 crop problems related to farming paddy and it will give a diagnosis of the disease with a description of the disease and its picture attached to the solution. To know how does Rice crop doctor expert system work, follow the below steps:

  • Download the Paddy Doctor app from the above link or you can download the app from Play Store.
  • Make an account with a mobile number on the app.
  • Now you can provide the details of the disease and its symptoms on the crops.
  • The app will ask some questions related to the rice pest and disease and their signs and symptoms on the paddy crop. 
  • After entering the details of the crop symptoms, you will get a list of diseases with pictures and descriptions.
  • Now you will select the disease from the list which is familiar to your queries.
  • Then you will be able to get the details, for expert advice from the international rice research institute (IRRI) Guwahati, you will have to provide your name, mobile number, and email id on the app. 


What is the Rice Doctor Assam App?

This app is developed by Assam Agricultural University (AAU) with the help of the international rice research institute (IRRI) to curb disease and pest control in the Paddy crop in the state of Assam.

What is the main objective of the Paddy Doctor App?

This app will help in increasing the productivity and profitability of the small and marginal farmers in rice-based cropping and defend against the disease in the paddy crop for better productivity.

How to download the Assam Rice Doctor App?

You can download the app from Rice Knowledge Bank’s official website as well as from Google Play Store.

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