Mission Basundhara 3.0: Register Online & Know Benefits

Mission Basundhara
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The Government of Assam is dedicated to providing better services to the residents of Assam State. The government introduced many schemes and Portals such as the Lachit Borphukan App in which we will be able to learn about the powerful warrior of Assam Lachit Borphukan App. Today we are going to talk about the Mission Basundhara 3.0. This mission is dedicated to streamlining and making and make land revenue services more accessible to citizens. To know more about the Mission Basundhara 3.0 Online Registration and its benefits, you will have to read this article till the end.

What is the Mission Basundhara 3.0?

Mission Basundhara 2022

The chief minister of Assam Shri Hemanta Biswa Sharma launched the Mission Basundhara 3.0 to resolve and make land revenue services more accessible to the citizens of the state. This mission envisages reducing the pendency in the updation of land records, through Mission Basundhara mode accelerated disposal of services sought by the Citizens and creating an ease of the Business environment in the land management ecosystem. Recently Chief Minister of Assam Launched the Mission Basundhara 3.0 for new surveys and purification of land, Mission services can now be availed through ARTPS Portal.

There are three components of the Mission Basundhara which are:

  1. Purification of Land Records
  2. Polygon Survey of Non- cadastral Villages
  3. Re-Survey of 18789 cadastral Villages of 27 Districts using the hybrid methodology. 

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Key Highlights of Mission Basundhara 3.0

Mission nameMission Basundhara 3.0
Launched By CM Hemanta Biswa Sharma
DepartmnetRevenue Department
Basundhara 3.0 Start Date16 Feb 2024
Customer Care No.1800 345 3574
Official Website https://basundhara.assam.gov.in/

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The Objectives of The Mission Basundhara 3.0

Mission Basundhara 2022

Mission Basundhara was launched with the objective of better disposal of disputes of land in the state. Now citizens will get their land surveyed by drones by the Government of Assam. Several services will be provided under this mission like the transfer of lands, Mutation of lands, and partition of undisputed cases. Surveying of villages will be done under the Mission Basundhara 3.0. Through the mission, the revenue department will achieve the goal of 100% Digitalization of Maps and total integration of lands records, Maps, and Registration for the State under DILRMP.

Services under the Mission Basundhara 3.0

There will be nine land-related services to be provided through Basundhara Portal:

  1. Mutation by right of inheritance
  2. Mutation after deed Registration
  3. Partition for undisputed cases
  4. Conversion from annual patta to periodic Patta
  5. Reclassification of agricultural land to non Agricultural land less than 1 bigha.
  6. Striking out of name from patta
  7. Allotment certificate to periodic Patta
  8. Legacy data Updation
  9. Mobile Number Updation

Mission Basundhara 3.0 Online Application 2024

Mission Basundhara Online Application has been started by the Government of Assam, there are a total of 813981 applications received so far. Out of which 231293 applications have been rejected by the government because of fake information. There is no user fee for the registration and services. To Register your application Under the Mission Basundhara 3.0, follow the below steps:

  • The first step is to visit the Official Website of the Basundhara Portal
  • You will have to scroll down and then you will be able to see the My Application option.
  • Click on the My Application option.
  • Now fill in your Mobile number to Register
  • You can Register an application after successful Registration.
  • After Registration, you will receive your application Id for future reference to check the status of your Application.

Documents Required in the Mission Basundhara 3.0

1. Mutation by Right of Inheritance

Mutation means the Registration of the name of a person in the record of rights which is known as jamabandi. The ownership will be transferred from the present land owner to the rightful heir through inheritance. 

Documents Required
  • Death certificate
  • Next of Kin certificate 
  • Relationship Affidavit
  • Witness

2. Mutation After Deed Registration

The process of recording the Change/Transfer in the title of ownership after the property has been transferred or sold to another. And hence after registration, the name has been changed to the rightful owner of the land. 

Documents Required
  • Deed Copy
  • Copy of No objection Certificate issued By the Deputy Commissioner.

3. Partition of undisputed Cases

Under the Mission Basundhara, Partition means the division of a revenue-paying area into two or more such estates, there will be no user fees for the service.

Documents Required:
  • Jamabandi Copy will be required.

4. Reclassification of Agricultural land to non Agricultural land less than 1 Bigha

If the usage of land is changed, thus the class of land will also be changed. Hence this service is for the reclassification of agricultural land to non Agricultural purposes if the land is below 1 bigha.

Documents Required:
  • Complete land Revenue Receipt to Date

 5. Allotment Certificate to Periodic Patta

The allotment certificate is to be converted to periodic Patta after verifying the possession of the Allottee for a stipulated period

Documents Required:
  • Allotment Certificate
  • Date Land Revenue Receipt
  • Legal heir Document

6. Conversion from Annual Patta to Periodic Patta

Conversion is the Process through which the status of any land settled for one year is changed to longer tenure. Once the annual Patta is converted to Periodic Patta, the landowner will have the permanent and transferable right of use.

Documents Required
  • Land revenue Receipt to Date

Mobile Number Updation

The mobile number of the land owner can be updated under the Mission Basundhara

Documents Required:
  • ID Proof: Passport/Driving license/Pan Card/MG NREGA Job card/Aadhar Card

Glimpse of the Mission Basundhara 3.0

Land related services which were not Digitised earlier will be digitised under the Mission Basundhara 3.0

  • Settlement of annual patta land that has already been transferred from the original annual patta holder to the eligible occupant by granting Periodic Patta.
  • Settlement of Village Grazing Reserve and Professional Grazing Reserve (PRG) Land up to 1 bigha of homestead land to selected categories of eligible occupants as periodic Patta land.
  • Grants of Ownership Rights to occupancy Tenants (Rayats).
  • Settlements of Government ‘khas’ Land  and ceiling surplus land to eligible persons.
  • Conferring permanent, heritage and transferable rights to tribal people through settlement of their hereditary land up to 50 Bighas.
  • Settlement of land for special cultivation (tea, coffee, rubber etc.) To indegenous growers.
  • Rollout of e-Khazana for online Payment of land revenue, local tax & other fees.
  • Rollout of auto-mutation throughout Assam for composite Land Transfer.

What is The Mission Basundhara 3.0?

Mission Basundhara 3.0 launched by the Chief Minister Shri Hemanta Biswa Sharma for the solution of disputed land with the three Components i. purification of the land ii. Survey of Non Cadastral villages iii. Re- survey of villages

What are the Objectives of the Mission Basundhara 3.0?

There are several objectives of this mission
like Transfer of lands through online portal, changing the ownership of land and updation of the rightful owner.

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