Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme: Know Feature & Objectives

Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme
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Maharashtra Government is taking major steps  towards the Development of The Maharashtra State by issuing various Welfare Schemes, infrastructures and projects. Today we are going to talk about the Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme, which was launched during the Maharashtra Government Cabinet meeting. Jalyukt Shivar yojana in English involves deepening and widening of water Streams, Construction of Cement and earthen Stop Dams and Digging of Farm Ponds. Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Launched to make 5000 villages free of water Scarcity every year. To know more about features and Benefits of Jalyukt Shivar Scheme, Read this Article till the End. 

What is Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme?

Maharashtra Government launched the Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme during Cabinet meeting on 13 December 2022. This project was launched back in 2014 with the aim of making Maharashtra a drought Free State by 2019. And Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 is an Extended version of this Project with an aim of Making 5000 villages free of water Scarcity every year. 

Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 abhiyan is integration and Convergence of the Various Schemes implemented by various departments and pulling the Funds from all resources like Central And State Schemes. And the Mobile app is being used to Map these Locations and are being monitored through MRSAC web Portal. 

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

Objectives of Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Abhiyan

Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme
  • To make 5000 villages every year free from Water Scarcity. 
  • To create Decentralized water Bodies for better water Conservation.
  • To Arrest Maximum Runoff in Rural areas.
  • To increase the Groundwater level in Drought Areas.
  • To Create a new Structure for water Conservation and Drainage system.
  • Rejuvenation of Water Storage Capacity of Various Existing Structures like Village Tanks, Well trough Repair and Renovation.
  • To encourage Tree Plantation in Both Rural and Urban Village. 
  • To sensitize The Concept of Water Budgeting.
  • To Create Awareness and encourage People for Efficient Use of Water for Farming and Drinking. 

Key Highlights

Scheme NameJalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme
Started By CM Eknath Shinde
DepartmentWater Conservation Department
CategoryMaharashtra Government Schemes
Official Websitemrsac.maharashtra.gov.in

Works to be Done under the Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme

Following works will be done under this Initiative:

  1. To make 5000 villages every year free from Scarcity of water. 
  2. Watershed Development works will be done in villages 
  3. Widening of Nalla and Cement Nalla will be made in this Program 
  4. Rejuvenation of Old Water bodies like well and Ponds in Villages
  5. Repair, Renovation and Restoration of Existing minor Irrigation water bodies.
  6. Connecting water streams to Nalla will also be done.
  7. Repairs of the Canal will also be done.
  8. Recharging of Open Dig wells and Tube wells will also be done.
  9. Awareness for Efficient use of Available water.
  10. Action plan will be made for Strengthening of Drinking water Resources.
  11. To Advertise through jingles for awareness.

PMFME Scheme 2022

Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme Awareness Process

Awareness among people will be done through Various Ways which are given below:

  • Gram Sabha and Meeting at Village level
  • By arranging Morning Raillies, Essay Competition, Drawing Competition. 
  • Distribution of Booklets, Leaflets regarding Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 to create Awareness among the Public 
  • Effective use of Press and TV will be done for Awareness.

Criteria for Selection of Villages in Jalyukt Shivar 2.0

  1. minimum one year tanker feeded Village in last 5 years
  2. Watershed Village and A village Scarcity was declared at least once in the last Five Years. 
  3. Suicide Prone villages and Villages taking lead in People’s Participation.

What is Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme?

Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme launched for making 5000 villages free from Scarcity of Water, This Scheme will be Effective from 13 December 2022 as it is an extended version of previous Scheme.

When was Jalyukt Shivar 2.0 Scheme?

This Scheme was launched by the Maharashtra Government On 13 December 2022 for making villages free from water Scarcity.

How many villages will be Selected in Jalyukt Shivar Yojana?

There will be 5000 villages will be selected every year for this Project.

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