Krishi Nivesh Portal 2022: Feature, Benefits & Contact Details

Krishi Nivesh Portal 2022
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India is an agricultural country, about 70-80% of the Country’s Population is related to Agriculture. The Government of India is Taking various steps to provide welfare for Farmers through various Government Schemes. Recently the Ministry of Agriculture jointly with the Melinda Gates Foundation launched the Krishi Nivesh Portal to enhance Research and Innovative technologies in Agriculture. Krishi Nivesh Portal has the potential to play a major role in the Welfare of Farmers. To know more about the Registration and Benefits, Read Further to understand this Portal.

What is the Krishi Nivesh Portal?

Agriculture Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar has launched Krishi Nivesh Portal in Joint ventures with the Melinda Gates foundation. Agri-invest is an investment Portal under the Ministry of Agriculture and farmers welfare to enhance Research and Innovative technologies in Agriculture by Boosting Investment. 

Krishi Nivesh Portal highlights the steps for the Ease of Doing Business in the Indian Agriculture Sector. This Portal will Provide Welfare and various Government Schemes to the Farmers, for better productivity and Profitability in Agriculture. 

Objectives Of the Krishi Nivesh Portal

Krishi Nivesh Portal 2022
  • To boost Investments in the Agricultural Sectors of India through many Companies from all around the World.
  • To Ease the Hand Holding Process for the Investors.
  • To provide Guidance and Assistance to the Investors with major infrastructure available in India.
  • To provide several welfare schemes to the farmers of India
  • To enhance the Research and Innovative technologies in the Agriculture Sector of India
  • To support Investors and Companies with the Schemes, Policies, and incentives given by the State and Central Government.
  • To tab the Potential of All the Sub sectors in Agriculture of India.

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Features of Krishi Nivesh Portal

  • Krishi Nivesh Portal will be used by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers for Facilitating the Investors Through Unified Portal.
  • Quality Search Features
  • 24/7 Reliable Chatbot Feature
  • Survey and Feedback Feature for investors
  • One-stop Portal for Investors to Search and Navigate

Benefits of the Krishi Nivesh Portal

  • User-friendly Interface for Farmers and Investors
  • Different Investment insights to Different Stakeholders
  • Provide More Investment Opportunities.
  • Easy Access to Government Schemes

Focused Sectors in Krishi Nivesh Portal

  • Animal Husbandry & Dairy
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Food Processing
  • Water Resources
  • Poultry & Meat
  • Rural Power
  • Fertilizers
  • Supply chain

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Agriculture Schemes under Krishi Nivesh Portal

Krishi Nivesh Portal 2022

Agri infrastructure Fund Scheme:

This scheme shall Provide a Medium-long term Debt Financing Facility for Investment in various Projects.

Integrated Scheme for Agricultural Marketing (ISAM):

This scheme will Enhance the Creation of Agricultural Marketing infrastructure by giving backend Support to the State under Krishi Nivesh Portal.

Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana (MKSP):

This Scheme is launched to Readily Purchase agriculture inputs such as Seeds, Fertilisers, pesticides, Weedicides, etc. And Draw Cash for their Production needs. 

Sub-Mission On Agricultural Extension (SMAE): 

This scheme is focussed on awareness Creation and Enhanced use of Appropriate Technology in agriculture and Other allied Sectors.

Mission on integrated Development of Horticulture:

MIDH is a centrally Sponsored Scheme launched for the Proper growth of the Horticulture sector including Fruits, Flowers, and  Vegetables.

National Horticulture Board

Horticulture Board is launched for enhancing the Growth of Horticulture in India and to help the Production of Fruits and Vegetables.

Krishi Udaan:

This scheme was launched to Assisting Farmers in transporting agricultural products so that it improves their value Realisation.


PM KUSUM Scheme aimed to ensure a reliable daytime Power supply for irrigation, Reduce, Subsidy burden on Discoms, and Providing Additional Sources of income to the Farmers by providing them with Solar Panels.

Major Beneficiaries under Krishi Nivesh Portal

  • Foreign Investors/FDI
  • Farmers
  • Agri Start-ups
  • Cooperative societies
  • Corporates

Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9205480590



Address: Krishi Bhavan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi- 110001

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