Songkran Festival 2024: Date, Timings & Venue

Songkran Festival 2023
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Songkran Festival | Songkran Festival 2024 | Water Festival Thailand

Festivals come with joy and Happiness in our life. There are millions of festivals celebrated around the world with the particular culture and heritage of the communities and Songkran festival is one of them. Songkran festival 2024 is Celebrated in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, China, and other south east Asian Countries. This festival comes with tradition, happiness, joy, love, compassion, and thankfulness in Thai people, To know more about the Festival venue, Date, and timing, Read this article till the end.

A Glimpse of the Songkran Festival 2024

Songkran Festival 2023

Songkran Festival has origin based on the Hindu cultural festival of the Spring season, basically, Songkran is derived from the Hindu word ‘Sankranti’ which means ‘movement’. This festival is celebrated as the traditional New Year of Thailand and it is also celebrated in China, Laos, Malaysia, and other countries. Songkran Festival 2024 will be celebrated On 13 April 2024 but Thailand Cabinet has approved 5 days festival from 12 April to 17 April for tourists to come and witness their Culture in holiday packages. According to Brahmin Solar System when Sun moves from Pisces into Aries the very first day of Songkran starts and it marks the New Year’s Day of Thailand. 

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Importance of the Songkran Festival 2024

Songkran Festival 2024 is regarded as one of the most important festivals in the world, People from around the world come to Thailand to see the Songkran water festival, Traditional Folk Dances, and Games of Thai People and Culture of Thailand. Thai Songkran Festival 2024 Depicts Three major importance:

Value of Family: 

Songkran 2024 resembles the importance of family in the life of a Person. Families come together at temples to seek blessings from the God and to Listen to Buddhist Teachings. Families come to show respect as well as love to each other and to pay homage to their ancestors.

Value of Society:

Families come to Participate in the Celebration of the Thai New Year 2024 which shows the value of Society. Active Participation of the People in the Community Shows unity and enhance goodwill in the Society. 

Value of Religion:

Thai People pay tribute to the Buddhist monks by offering them food to them. This shows that Songkran 2024 comes with unity towards religion. Pouring Water on Buddhist monks and Statues to seek blessings from them for their better future is the major importance of the Songkran Festival.

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Activities Performed During Songkran Festival 2024

Songkran Festival 2024

The Festival of Songkran will fall on the 13th, 14th, and 15th April of 2024. The first day means the 13th of April is known as Maha Songkran or Grand Songkran. The festival celebration last for 5 days which enables the people to return to their hometown for reunion with family and their Communities. The 13th of April is Celebrated as Senior Day or elderly Day and the 14th of April is Celebrated as Family Day. Major activities are performed during the Celebration of Songkran Thai Festival 2024.

  • Cleaning of houses and public places such as Temples, Schools, Colleges, and Government Offices to Welcome the Thai New Year 2024.  
  • Offering such as money and food to the Buddhist monks in memory of their late ancestors.
  • People go to the temples to Listen to the Preachings of Buddhist scholars.
  • Releasing birds, fishes, and other pet animals to their natural habitat resembles the Act of giving freedom to every living being.
  • Songkran Thailand also comes with a special tradition of Sprinkling water onto the Buddha pictures, Statues to receive blessings for the Thai New Year.
  • People build Sand Pagodas on Temple Ground by bringing sand to the temple premise Is considered auspicious because The sand can also be used for the Building and restoration of the Temple in future times.
  • People of Thailand also pour water on elder members to seek blessings from them.
  • Traditional Folk Dances, Art, and Games are played for enjoyment as well as to preserve the culture of Thailand.

How to Reach

The only way to reach the Venue of the Songkran Festival is By Air, 

The Nearest Airport is Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand 


When will be Songkran Festival 2024 be Celebrated?

This Festival will be celebrated on 13 April 2024. The festival celebration will be of 5 days from 12 April to 17 April.

Why does Songkran Festival 2024 Celebrate?

This festival is celebrated to mark the New Year of the Thai People with the traditions, Culture, and Heritage of Thailand.

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