Namsoong Festival 2022: Date, Time & Venue

Namsoong Festival 2022
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Namsoong Festival 2022 | Sikkim Namsoong Festival 2022 | Namsoong Festival Sikkim

Sikkim is a beautiful state in northeastern India, it is the leader and second smallest state by area in India. Sikkim state is known for its biodiversity, including alpine and subtropical climate, as well as it is surrounded by the Kangchenjunga which is the highest peak in India and the third highest peak in the world. Every year Namsoong Festival 2022 is celebrated in the upper Dzongu region at the confluence of the Teesta river and Rongyung Chu River by the Sikkim tourism Department. To know more about the Namsoong Festival 2022 Date, time, and venue details, Read the article till the End.  

A Glimpse of the Namsoong Festival 2022?

Namsoong Festival 2022

Sikkim tourism celebrates Namsoong Festival every year in the timeframe of December and January. This year’s festival will be celebrated by the Lepcha tribe for marking the new year of Lepchas from 24 December to 28 December. It is one of the most sought-after cultural festivals of Sikkim witnessing the worship of nature, Folk dances, and traditional Games.

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 The Namsoong Festival 2022 will make an ideal time for tourists and travelers to visit the Dzongu region as this region is the social reserve for the Lepchas and is located in North Sikkim. This region is surrounded by the Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserves where tourists can take a look at the Various beautiful Species of organisms, they can also see the State Butterfly of the Sikkim Blue Duke. 

Key Highlights

Festival Name Namsoong Festival 2022
Department Sikkim tourism Department
CategoryArt & Culture
Date24 Dec – 28 Dec

Activities Performed During the Namsoong Festival 2022

Namsoong Festival 2022


Archery is the main sport of the Sikkim State, people love to play archery in this festival to resemble the Beautiful Culture and Heritage of the Sikkim State. 

Dance Performance

In the Namsoong Festival, the Lepcha tribe performs various types of Dances including the Chu-Faat dance, Tendong Lho Rum Faat, and Zo-Mal-Lok. These dances are the primary dance form of the Lepchas which is known for their culture and tradition. 

Local Cuisines Serving

The Namsoong festival is celebrated as the new year for the Lepchas and hence various Cuisines are served during the Celebration. These foods are made from very limited use of Spices and herbs. Cuisines like Sel Roti, Sha Phaley, Sishmu ko soup, and momo are served during the Celebration. 


During the celebration various handicrafts can be seen which resemble the Heritage of the Sikkim State, Handicrafts like Woolen carpets, Paintings, Prayer flags, Singing bowls, and thangka Paintings are seen in various shops and the evenings. 

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Events Details

Venue Address:

The celebration of the Namsoong Festival 2022 will be held in Nam Prik Dang, Sikkim. This area is surrounded by Beautiful hills and Rivers. The complete address is given below:

Namprikdang, Mangan, Sikkim 

Date & Time 

Every year this Festival is celebrated between December and January time frame but this year Namsoong Festival 2022 will be celebrated from 24 December to 28 December

Date: 24 December 2022 – 28 December 2022

Time: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Ticket Information

Tickets for the Entry to the Namsoong Festival 2022 will be free of cost, so don’t fall into trap of Scams during the visit to Sikkim.

Facilities Available

Various facilities are available at this Festival for travelers and Tourists so that they can visit without any worry. 

  • Parking
  • Accommodation
  • Toilets
  • Emergency services

How to Reach

By Air:

To reach by Air Tourist or Travellers can visit the Nearest Airport Pankyong Airport which is only 88 KMs away from the venue.

By Train:

The nearest railway station is the New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP) which is 140 Kilometres away from Venue. 

By Bus: 

The nearest bus stop is at the Mangan bus Stop which is most preferred because it is only 9 kilometers away from Namprikdang.

Final words

Namsoong Festival 2022 will be a grand celebration of the Lepchas New Year in which the art and culture and heritage of Sikkim will be showcased and many tourists will visit to see that beautiful scenery. I hope you all have got information about the Namsoong Festival 2022. I would suggest tourists visit once in December to witness the beautiful culture of Sikkim.


What is The Namsoong Festival 2022?

Namsoong Festival is celebrated by the Sikkim Tourism Department for the Occasion of the New year of Lepcha Tribe. In 2022, festival will be organised from 24 December to 28 December.

Why Namsoong Festival is Celebrated?

Namsoong Festival is celebrated in Northeastern state Sikkim for the New year of Lepchas and culture of Sikkim can be seen in this festival.

When will Namsoong Festival 2022 celebrated?

Namsoong Festival 2022 will be celebrated from 24 December 2022 to 28 December 2022.

Where will Namsoong Festival 2022 celebrated?

This festival will be celebrated in northern Sikkim in Namprikdang town of Sikkim state.

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