Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022: Date, Time & Venue

Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022
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Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022 | Pinjore Heritage Festival Haryana

There are many festivals celebrated in India which resemble the Art and Culture of our country. Many festivals give tradition to the Heritage of India. Pinjore is the town in Haryana that Hosts the Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022 every year in December. This year The Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022 is one of the most important festivals in Haryana. Today we will talk about this festival, the organization, and the venue addressed in this article, so please read this article till the end.

A Glimpse of the Pinjore Heritage Festival

Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022

Haryana Tourism celebrates and organizes the Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022 every year in n December at Yadavindra Gardens in Pinjore. First-time Pinjore Heritage festival in Haryana was celebrated in 2006. The main purpose of celebrating this festival is to celebrate the unique heritage of Pinjore and its famous Mughal Gardens. This year Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022 will be celebrated from 15 December 2022 to 18 December 2022. 

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All the walls of Pinjore Gardens are decorated with many lights and flowers to give it a perfect look like a well illuminated Garden dazzles like a jewel in the Evening and many activities are performed on these days of celebration. Cultural evenings are the main part of the celebration which is also known as the enlivening spirit of the festival. 

Key Highlights

Festival NamePinjore Heritage Festival 2022
DepartmentHarayana Tourism Department
Official Website

Activities during the Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022

Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022

School Competition:

There will be several interesting Competitions organized every day for school students like Group dance, Collage Making, Kids’ Fashion Show, Rangoli Competition, and Flower arrangement.

Dance Performance:

Several folk dances were Performed by the Dance Groups like the Rouff Dance from Jammu and Kashmir, the Chhapeli Dance From Uttarakhand, the Bhangra Dance from Punjab, and other important folk dances of Haryana like Banchari and Nagara group Dance. With this magnificent Performance, the gardens Come alive and spread the Spirit of Entertainment in the Pinjore 

Day Cultural Performance

During the celebration of the Pinjore Heritage Festival, there will be a cultural Performance every evening from December 15 to December 18. Many Cultural activities will be done during this time Phase which resembles the Heritage of India. 

Crafts Bazaar

Many craftspersons from different parts of the Country will be invited to showcase their Magnificent Handlooms and Handicrafts. Visitors will shop for items like Embroidered crochet items, Art metalware, Dry flowers, Terracotta, soft toys, imitation jewelry, lac bangles, and much more. 

Food Courts

There will be an Organisation of the food courts dishes out a wide range of dishes to give a better taste to the visitors.

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Event Details 

Venue Address:

This festival is celebrated every year in December at pinjore. Every year, a festival is organized at the Yadavindra Gardens. The full address is given below

Yadavindra Gardens, Ambala, Kalka-Shimla Road, Pinjore, Haryana 134102

Date Time: 

This Year the Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022 will be celebrated from 15 December 2022 to 18 December 2022, with Timings from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM.

Ticket Information

This year the Ticket Price for the Pinjore Heritage Festival will be only 50 Rupees per person.

Facilities Available

During the Celebration of the Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022, facilities like Parking, Toilets, Hotel Stay, and Many other emergency Services.

How to Reach?

By Air: 

The nearest international airport is Shaheed Bhagat Singh international airport, Chandigarh which is 34 KMs away from the Venue of the Festival.

By Train:

To reach by train, You will have to Board for the nearest railway station which is Chandigarh Railway Station, it is 17 kilometers away from the Pinjore

By Bus: 

Buses are one of the most convenient Conveyance to visit for the Pinjore Festivals because the nearest Bus Stop is in Panchkula, Haryana which is only 7 kilometers away from the Venue of the Festival

Final Words

Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022 is one of the most important festivals of Haryana, organized in December by the Tourism Department of Haryana. Every year many tourists visit Pinjore to witness the art and culture of the Country. Groups and individuals from every part of India come to perform their culture in Pinjore. So tourists and people should visit more in numbers to witness one of the most beautiful festivals.


What is The Pinjore Heritage Festival 2022?

Pinjore Heritage festival is organised by the Tourism Department of Haryana in the month of December. Festival showcases cultural heritage, Dance Performance and Craft Bazaar During the Celebration.

Where is the Pinjore Heritage Festival celebrated?

The Heritage Festival is celebrated at Pinjore, Haryana.

Pinjore Heritage Festival celebrated in which month?

Heritage Festivals celebrated in the month of December. The 2022 Festival will be celebrated from 15 December to 18 December.

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