Sikkim Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022: Date, Timings & Venue

Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022
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Sikkim is one of the most prominent states in India, it is Least populated state in India surrounded by the Kanchenjunga Peak. The Red Panda is the State animal of Sikkim. The Tourism Department of Sikkim celebrated the Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022 in December or January.

This Festival attracts many tourists from around the world for the showcase of the Most awaited Cultural events, Traditions, and Culture of the Sikkimese People. To know more about the Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022 Exhibition, Event, Date, Timings, and Venue, Read this article till the End. 

A Glimpse of the Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022

Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022

Sikkim Red Panda Winter Festivals 2022 is a 6 days Celebration Starting from 20 December to 26 December. This festival is Organised during the Cold winter months of December or January annually. This festival comes with a Showcase of the Traditional arts, Culture for Visitors who come from around the world. Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022 attracts local as well as Foreign Tourists with Different events and activities. 

Various ethnic Tribes groups set up their Food stalls to serve exquisite and Delicious Cuisines of Sikkim to the Cultural Carnival showcasing the diverse culture and Traditions of the Sikkim State. 

Activities Performed During the Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022

Cultural Programs:

Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022

Various Cultural programs like Classical music, Folk Dances, and the Parade of the different Tribes of Sikkim showcase their Culture and Traditional Costumes. 


In Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022, there is an Exhibition of Sales of Local Handlooms and Handicrafts, Agricultural Products, and Floriculture of Sikkim. Sikkim is also the first Organic State in India Hence the Display of Organic fruits and Vegetables is seen in the winter Festival.

Traditional Foods:

There are various Stalls set up here to Serve the Exquisite and Delicious Cuisines of Various Ethnic Tribes. Foods like Momos, Sel Roti, Sha Phaley, Hard Churpi, And Soup are the most prominent Cuisines of Sikkim. 

Eco Adventure:

Various sports are performed in the Sikkim Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022 like Paragliding, Hiking, Obstacle Course, Zip Lining, Bike Stunts, etc. Tourists Gather to see these Sports adventures during their Tour. 

Photo Competition and Contest:

Sikkim Tourism Department Organises Photography Contest and Exhibitions to Promote the Photographer and Various Competitions Like Dance, Fashion shows, and Rock Music Competitions are seen during the Celebration.

Key Highlights

Festival NameRed Panda Winter Carnival 2022
Date20 Dec – 26 Dec
CategoryArt & Culture
Helpline number 03592209090
Official Website Click Here

Event Details

Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022

Venue Address: 

The Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022 is celebrated at Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Gangtok. Mahatma Gandhi Marg is a notable Streets like foreign Countries composed of Various Shops. 

Date & Time

Red Panda Winter Festival 2022 will be celebrated in December. 

Date: 20 December to 26 December 

Time: 10:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Facilities Available

There are various Facilities available during the Celebration of the Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022 Which are given below:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking
  • Hotels
  • Accommodation
  • Emergency Services
  • Medical Services
  • Public Toilets 

How to Reach

By Air:

To reach by Air, you will have to Depart at the Nearest Airport Pakyong Airport, which is only 28 Kilometres away from the MG Marg.

By Train:

The nearest Convenient railway Station is New Jalpaiguri (NJP) In West Bengal which is 117 Kilometres Away from the Capital City of Gangtok.

By Bus: 

You can depart from the Capital Cof city Gangtok By Bus, which is a very convenient Conveyance to reach the Venue. 

Tourists Helpline

The Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022 is organized by the Tourism and Civil aviation Department, Government of Sikkim, Tourism can get help from the Following Address

Tourism Department, Sikkim

Paryatan Bhavan, Tadong, 737102

Contact Details: 03592209090,


When will Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022 be Celebrated?

Sikkim tourism Department will celebrate this festival from 20 2022 December to 26 December 2022.

Red Panda Winter Carnival 2022 Celebrated in which State?


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