Secure Fishing App 2023: Download Link and Features

Secure Fishing App
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Odisha Government has Launched many initiatives to ensure the Livelihoods of Women, Farmers, and Children. Schemes like Odisha Mission Shakti have Been very beneficial in the Life of women. Recently the Government of Odisha launched the Secure Fishing App in collaboration with the World Food Program(WFP) to give real-time information, insights, and analytics that will support the livelihood of Fishermen in the State. To know more about the Secure Fishing App, Download the Link and Benefits, and Read this Article till the End. 

What is the Secure Fishing App?

Secure Fishing App

The Fisheries and Animal Resource Department (FARD) And World Food Program (WFP) Launched the Secure Fishing App to empower the Fishermen of the Odisha State by Providing Real Time Information about fish, Insights, and Analytics related to Fishes production and Livelihoods of the Fishermen. This app gives information about the Critical and Tailored Climate and Ocean State to the Fishermen so that they can catch fish in better weather. 

The Secure Fish App is Focussed to improve the Safety, resilience, and Daily catch In Coastal Fishing Communities. This app is also useful for fishery department officials as it tracks the Various Activities in the Fishery Sector.

Objectives of the Secure Fish App

  • To Provide real-time Information, Insights and Contribute to the Livelihoods of the Fishermen
  • To give access to Critical & Tailored Climate and Ocean State information as Bad weather is harmful to fishermen.
  • To improve the Daily Catches of Fishermen.
  • Enhance the Income of the Fishermen by giving them Training through the Secure Fish App.
  • To Provide Services to ensure the Safety of Fishermen.

Key Highlights

App NameSecure Fishing App
DepartmentFishery Department Odisha
CategoryOdisha Government Schemes

Download the Link for The Secure Fishing App

The App was launched in collaboration with the Odisha Government and the Worth d food program to give Better safety Standards to the fishermen. To Download the Odisha Secure Fishing App, follow the below Steps.

  1. Go to the Official Website of the App.
  2. You will land on the Homepage of the Website.
  3. Scroll Down, you will be able to see the Downloading Options for the App.
  4. Click on the Download Link. Your app will be Downloaded.
  5. Now Install the App and Open it. 

Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana

Sign-up Process for The Secure Fishing App

Secure Fishing App
  • The first is to Open The App, Enter your Mobile number and click on Get OTP.
  • After entering 4 Digit OTP, you will be forwarded to the Sign-up Form.
  • Enter your name and Other personal information including your address.
  • Now select your Board Type and Click on the Sign Up Button. 

Feature Available on the Secure Fishing App

Potential Fishing Zone: 

Secure Fishing App

The Secure Fishing App gives a very Good Feature, which gives Information on Potential Fishing zones Available near Fishermen’s locations. You can select District Where you want to catch Fish and Click on Search Button. The app will show you the Convenient Fishing zone near the District and Depth in Metres.

Emergency Services:

Secure Fishing App

The App comes with an Emergency Facility for the fishermen. If Fishermen are in trouble they can click on the Emergency button in the App and can get Help.

Weather Update:

Sometimes fishermen get stuck in bad weather and they can’t catch fish. But the Secure Fishing App comes with a Weather update Function that will give you real-time weather updates according to Your locations.


Secure Fishing App

Fishermen can get Help from the Advisory option in the app about how to handle the fish and they can also connect themselves to Customer care for real-time help.


What is the Secure Fishing App?

This app was launched by the Odisha government and World food program to give Information, Insights and Analytics about the Fish culture of Odisha.

How to download the Secure Fishing App?

To Download the App you can Click on the Download link or You can search it on Google play store and Download from there.

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