Biju Adarsh Colony Portal 2022: Check The Status of Development work

Biju Adarsh Colony Portal
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Odisha State is one the most developing states in India and Bhubaneswar is the first smart City in India. Under the Jaga mission, the Government of Odisha is trying its best the upgradation of slums. And to provide them with urban facilities like water, electricity, and employment. The government of Odisha launched the Biju Adarsh Colony Portal for the Slum dwellers and Officials of Odisha State. To know more about the working of the Biju Adarsh Portal, please read This article till the end. 

What is the Biju Adarsh Colony Portal?

The chief minister of Odisha State has launched the Biju Adarsh App under the department of Housing and Urban Development of the Odisha government. Through this portal, officials and slum dwellers will be able to check the real-time monitoring of the work by sitting on a chair. This Biju Adarsh Portal will work in the 30 Districts, 114 cities, 2045 wards, and 2919 Slums of the State. You will be able to click on the map of the state of Odisha to check the working of development work in the Slum areas.

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Key Highlights

Topic Name Biju Adarsh Colony Portal 
Launched ByShri Naveen Patnaik 
Department Department of Housing and Urban Development 
Beneficiaries Slum Dwellers
CategoryOdisha Government Schemes 
Official Website

What is the Objective of the Biju Adarsh Portal?

Biju Adarsh Colony Portal

The government of Odisha has introduced various Objectives related to the Biju Adarsh Colony Portal which are given below:

  • To provide urban facilities like electricity, clean water, Houses, and employment in the slum areas.
  • All Slum areas will be turned into the Biju Adarsh Colony under the Jaga Mission.
  • Recently the Government of Odisha declared Ganjam district as the Slum free. 
  • Through the Biju Adarsh Portal, all the slums will be Surveyed by Drones under the department of Housing and Urban Development of the Odisha Government.
  • The portal will help in Tracking the slum upgradation across all 30 districts of Odisha State.
  • There will be the conversion of 2919 slums in the state of Odisha out of which 618 slums have been delisted and converted to the Biju Adarsh Colony.
  • Under the Jaga mission, slum dwellers will have rights on their property under the Odisha Land Right to Slum dwellers Act, 2017

How to Check the Development work on the Biju Adarsh Colony Portal?

Biju Adarsh Colony Portal

To check the status of development work you will have to follow the below steps:

  • The first step is to visit the Official Website of the Biju Adarsh Portal.
  • Then the homepage of the Portal will be visible to you with a map of India.
  • You will be able to see the map of Odisha with some data on the screen and the name of Districts.
  • Now click on Any Districts and you will see the number of wards.
  • Click on the wards then you will see the Number of Slums on the screen.
  • You can click on the Slum to know the Status of the Development work.


What is the Biju Adarsh Colony Portal?

This Portal was launched by the government of Odisha with the partnership of Janaagrah under the JAGA mission to convert the Slum into the Biju Adarsh Colony. 

What is the Objective Biju Adarsh Portal?

The main objective of the portal is to track the development work of converting the Slums into the Biju Adarsh Colony with many facilities like urban areas. 

What is the Odisha Jaga mission?

Jaga mission was launched in the year 2020 with the objective of Upgrading the Slum areas and giving land rights to the Slum dwellers under the Odisha Land rights to Slum dwellers Act, 2017.

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