Kerala MEDISEP Scheme 2023: Here you can Check Status & Download MedCard?

Kerala Medisep Scheme 2022
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Kerala Medisep Scheme|Medisep Scheme 2023| Medisep Scheme Registration

India is a country of vast population, where citizen’s health is more important than any other facilities. After COVID 19, the focus of all states is giving medicines coverage to all Indian citizens. As we know that Kerala State is in the top list of NITI aayog health index from the last 5 years hence Kerala launched a scheme for free medical insurance. In July 2022 the government of Kerala launched Kerala Medisep scheme to give free medical insurance to the employees and pensioners of the state.

During last year’s budget, The government of Kerala mentioned a scheme named Kerala Medisep scheme which will cover the employees and retired employees of the state and will give them free medical insurance. This scheme is  solely available to residents of Kerala that will cover around 35 million  pensioners and current employees in the state of Kerala. Please read the full article to get all the details of Kerala Medisep scheme with reference to education or benefits.

kerala medisep scheme 2022

What is Kerala Medisep Scheme

The Medisep scheme was launched by chief minister of Kerala Pinnarayi Vijayan on 1st January 2022. Although this was Hinted at in the previous year’s budget but was delayed due to coronavirus impact. The full form of The MEDISEP scheme is Medical Insurance for State Employees and Pensioners and it is implemented by the Department of Finance, Government of Kerala. The scheme will cover around 35 million people of state who are current employees and retired employees of state. And this scheme will give them free insurance cover for lifetime. Some key factors are as follows:-

  • MEDISEP health scheme is only available to residents of Kerala State that means other state residents can’t get benefitted under this scheme.
  • This scheme is started under Kerala government and fully funded by Kerala government
  • MEDISEP scheme gives health insurance cover of 3 lakh rupees annually.
  • The scheme will cover almost 35 million people of Kerala State.
  • To avail this scheme you will have to get at least 24 hours hospitalization with receipt and bills.
  • All serving employees of State Government including teaching and non teaching staff of Aided Schools and Colleges, employees of LSG Institutions and Universities in the State will be covered under the Scheme.
  • One major part is that dependents of the employees will also be covered under this Scheme.
  • Registration for this Scheme will done through Official website.
  • Last date for the Registration Scheme is December 31, 2023.

Medisep Scheme Key Highlights

Scheme NameKerala Medisep Scheme 2023
Launched ByKerala CM Pinnarayi Vijayan
DepartmentState Finance Department
BeneficiaryAll state Government Employees and Pensioners
official website

Objectives Of Medisep Scheme:

The objective of the MEDISEP scheme is to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage to all employees and pensioners of the State and also including the High Court. These employees should be covered under Kerala Government Servants Medical Attendant Rules [KGSMA Rules. This scheme also covers all the dependents under the employees and gives them free health insurance coverage. This also includes newly recruited employees and their family, part time contingent employees, part time teachers, teaching, non-teaching staff of aided schools and colleges and their family and pensioners and their spouses and family pensioners on compulsory basis, and all Civil Service officers serving under the Government of Kerala on optional basis. Scheme gives a cover of 3 lakh rupees per annum.

Benefits Of Medisep Scheme 2023

There are several benefits of scheme are as follows:-

  • The scheme will give health insurance coverage of 300,000 rupees per annum.
  • The basic package (BBP) will be of three-year program and will benefit about 30 million people of the state.
  • The total of 1920 diseases and treatment will be covered under the Medisep Scheme.
  • The program will cover all the cost of hospitalization, drugs, medicine, surgery and bills.
  • A separate package will be given for transplant and catastrophic treatment under the this Scheme.
  • The scheme will provide cashless facility for its beneficiaries same as Pradhanmantri Ayushman Bharat Yojana.
  • Under the Medisep a Medcard will be given to its beneficiaries.
  •  There will also be cover of family dependents on the employees.

Kerala Medisep scheme 2023: Who is Eligible?

  • The MEDISEP scheme will cover all the serving employees of the state who are working under the act of 1960, and all the retired pension holders will also be covered.
  • And all the teaching and non teaching staff of aided schools and colleges will be covered.
  • Employees of LSG institutions and universities in the state.
  • All the state pensioners including Family/Part time/Ex-gratia pensioners will also be covered.
  • All the dependents of employees and pensioners will also be covered under This scheme.

Kerala Medisep scheme 2023: who is not Eligible?

Kerala State governments made a categories of the people who are not eligible to apply and get benefitted under the Scheme.

  • All the employees of Kerala State transport corporation(KSTC) are not eligible under this scheme.
  • Employees of Kerala water authority (KWA) will not be benefitted.
  • Employees and retired employees of Kerala human rights commission and Kerala State information commission will not be covered under the scheme.
  • And members from all the independent organizations and institutions will not be covered under this scheme.
  • Employees of Kerala state Electricity Board (KSEB) will also not be able to get enrolled in Scheme.

Eligibility criteria for registration in Medisep Scheme 2023

If you want to get benefitted under the scheme you will have to focus on the below points.

  • To get benefitted under the Medisep scheme beneficiaries must be admitted to hospital for a total of 24 hours.

Documents required for Medisep Scheme 2023

To get registered in this scheme you must have the following documents.

  • 1 Passport size photo
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Kerala domicile certificate
  • Hospital bill
  • Voter id card(Optional)
  • Pan Card

Note:- mobile number must be linked to Aadhar Card 

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Registration process for the Medisep scheme 2023

  • Firstly you will have to visit Official website of the scheme
  • Click on the register option from the homepage
  • There will be a new page available to you.
  • Now fill the important information for the registration.
  • Now you will have to upload the documents and passport size photos.
  • Please make sure all the information given by you is matching with your document otherwise your form will be rejected.

Note:- You can also get registered through government offices.

Login process for the Medisep scheme

If you want to login for the scheme, then follow the below Steps:-

medisep scheme
  1. Go to the official website on
  2. You will see a Login option on homepage and click on it
  3. Now select the organization from which you belong like: University, Panchayat, Department, Corporation, Municipality etc.
  4. Then you will have to fill user ID and password which is given by the organization.
  5. After filling the details you can click on login. Now you are Logged in.

How to download MEDCard Online ? 

medisep scheme
  • To get the Medcard you have to log on to Official Website
  • Secondly you will have to the Download MedCard which is present on the home screen of the website.
  • Then the screen will appear as a form, you will have to select beneficiary from the options and fill the Medisep ID which was given to you when you registered for the scheme.
  • Now MEDCARD will be displayed on the screen.
  • You can download or print it from the menus.

MEDISEP scheme 2023 status

To seek status you will have follow the below steps

kerala medisep scheme
  • Go to the official website to check the status 
  • After landing on the homepage you will have to click on the status tab.
  • Now a form filling window will come up.
  • Fill the employee I’d and select the department to which you belong
  • Now fill in the date of birth of the beneficiary.
  • Click on the search, now you will be able to get status of your registration in Medisep scheme.

Plans for MEDISEP scheme:

In this Scheme, the government introduced the plans for the state employees and pensioners.

  • State employees and pensioners will have to make a contribution of 500 rupees per month that is 6000 rupees per annum from their salary and pension account.
  • The scheme gives coverage of 3 lakh rupees insurance 

MEDISEP scheme hospitals.

medisep scheme

All the government hospitals and private hospitals which are being funded by the government of Kerala will have to regulate this scheme and if these hospitals refuse to do so their funding will be stopped by the government of Kerala.

Medisep scheme 2023 Helpline Number:-

The government of Kerala has introduced a helpline number regarding grievances, Status and Complaint.

Toll-free Number1800-425-0237; 

What is the Medisep Scheme?

This scheme was launched by the Kerala Government to give health insurance for all the employees and pensioners of the state

What is the coverage amount in the Medisep scheme?

There is provision of 3 lakh rupees per annum coverage for the beneficiary.

How many Diseases are covered in the Medisep scheme?

there are a total of 1920 diseases covered in this scheme.

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