UNICEF’s Passport to Earning 2022: Enroll now for Free Digital Literacy Course

UNICEF's Passport to Earning 2022:
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In this 21st century, financial literacy has become a major important subject for every citizen of India. Financial literacy means a person who is capable of understanding the fundamentals of finance and money. Today we will discuss the UNICEF Passport to Earning (P2E) initiative. Under this initiative, students will be enrolling in the digital literacy program and other employment skills. To know how to apply under the Passport to Earning initiative and  P2E initiative online registration, please read this article till the end.

What is UNICEF’s Passport to Earning initiative? 

UNICEF(Yuvaah) launched this initiative for the students to become capable of understanding digital literacy and other employability courses. The Passport to Earning enterprise is a combined course of various Skill courses which will help students to get jobs.  Under P2E, there will be a free self-paced 10 hours online certification course on Financial Literacy offered by UNICEF (Yuvaah) in both Hindi and English language. After the successful completion of the course, students will get a joint certificate from CSC, UNICEF, and Microsoft. These courses will help to under the 21st-century employability skills courses for better future job aspects. 

Objectives UNICEF Passport to Earning initiative 

  • To connect the rural areas females with new technology and give them knowledge about the financial literacy program.
  • Passport to Earning will become a way for women’s empowerment. As this will also be allowed the female candidates to become independent. 
  • There will be about 500 VLEs open for enrollment of female candidates in rural India.
  •  Female Students will learn about the investment strategy, Savings, budget planning, Consumption Habits, and Risk Management.

Benefits of Passport to Earning Initiative? 

UNICEF's Passport to Earning 2022
  • The Passport to Earning initiative will help students to get jobs with these Courses.
  • Students will be able to get online jobs, they will be able to do freelancing with these certificates, and students will be able to get jobs easily.
  • Students will be able to learn about investments, Savings, and Budget Planning about financial literacy.
  • Female students will also get a chance for placements in higher companies as they will have certificates. 
  • Students will also get training for other courses which will help them get a job in some IT Firms and do Freelancing.
  • Freelancing is becoming a great way of earning. After Students complete their course they will get a certificate and can use it to get a job.
  • Under this initiative, Students will get a 10-hour long self-paced online certification course that will be offered free of cost.

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Eligibility for UNICEF Passport to Earning initiative.

  • Only female candidates are eligible for this initiative.
  • Female candidates from the age group 15 years to 29 years will be eligible to apply under this initiative.
  • Email ID will be mandatory to enroll under this Scheme.
  • Female students from rural areas will also be eligible to apply for this program.
  • Certificates will be downloadable only after successful completion of the course.

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Online registration for the UNICEF Passport to Earning initiative?

  • An E-mail ID is mandatory for enrollment in this course.
  • 500 VLEs centers will be set up for this initiative and will give online classes streaming directly through the portal.
  • All the VLEs have to create their email id with this Course like CSC<centreid>@gmail.com, for example, CSC1234566@gamil.com
  • After creating of email id, Candidates can log in on the Official Website of csc.myp2e.org of P2E.
  • After the successful completion of Registration. VLEs will be able to track the dashboard of enrolled candidates 


What is UNICEF’s Passport to Earning initiative?

Passport to Earning is a great initiative for female students to become skilled candidates for jobs. This initiative has come with a free 10-hour self-paced digital literacy course.

How many centers will be open for the Passport to Learning initiative?

There will be 500 VLEs open for the online streaming of the courses.

Will a certificate be given after the completion of the course?

Yes, a joint certificate will be given by the CSC, UNICEF, and Microsoft, which can be used for the jobs.

What are the benefits of the UNICEF passport to Earning initiative?

Through this initiative, students will be able to learn about digital literacy programs and financial literacy will help them to do better in the future.

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