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YUVAi Program 2022
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YUVAi Program 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking up the world with a wide range of products around us. Various companies are making AI-based robots, Engines, and machines, thus we can assume that our world is changing with Artificial Intelligence and it will become our lives in the future. Hence the Government of India, Ministry of IT, and Ministry of Education have launched a program for students named YUVAi- Youth For unnati and Vikas with AI. Under this program, the Ministry of Education will provide knowledge about Artificial Intelligence to students from Class 8 to Class 12. To know about the Registration Process in the YUVAi, Scroll down and read the article till the Last.  

What is The YUVAi Program? 

Today’s youth will become the future of the country and hence the Government of India introduced the Youth For AI program. Under this program, students from classes 8th to 12th will be enrolled in the course on understanding the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI). YUVAi Program is launched with an aim to address the growing skills gap, build digital readiness among the next generation, and continue the momentum of the inclusive and collaborative AI Skilling program. Students will be empowered with tools, new Skills, and Opportunities for new learning Preparing them for Workforce technology. 

Key Highlights

Program nameYUVAi Program
Launched ByMinistry of Education
BeneficiariesStudents and Teachers
ClassClass 8 to 12
Last Date to Apply30 November 2022
StudentsParticipate Now
TeachersParticipate Now
CategoryEducation Related Schemes
Official Websitehttps://innovateindia.mygov.in

What are the Objectives of the YUVAi Program?

YUVAi Program 2022

In this digital era, a skilled and competent workforce is the backbone of building the nation. As we know that Artificial Intelligence is the future of human beings, the YUVAi program is for a deeper understanding of AI. The following points are the Objectives of this program.

  • To implement this program from class 8th to class 12th for the understanding of AI.
  • To foster a deeper understanding of AI- Tech and Social Skills of students.
  • To Enable Youth to Develop AI-Enabled Solutions as a sign of achievement.
  • To enable the development of human-centric designers and Users of AI.  

Benefits of enrolling in YUVAi

  • If you are a student from 8th to 12th and excited to broaden your understanding of AI technology and get a chance to learn with the brightest minds from Across the Country. Then YUVAi is the best option for your Dreams.
  • About 20 students from all across the country will also get the opportunity to travel to Delhi and Gandhinagar. 
  • Students will be able to understand the working of AI in the Courses offered by the YUVAi. 
  • Students will be able to share their ideas in 8 different categories.

Enrollment in the YUVAi Program

Enrollment in the Program will be conducted in three phases, First phase will be related to Nomination.

YUVAi Program
  1. Enrollment of Teachers will be done by Clicking Here
  2. Teachers will provide an overview of the program. And their role and responsibilities.
  3. Students can enroll themselves By Clicking Here.
  4. A ‘Certificate of Participation will be available to download from the Dashboard of Students and Teachers Respectively.
  5. Students will be able to submit a video 120 seconds explaining the working of AI
    • Krishi – Agriculture 
    • Aarogya – Healthcare 
    • Shiksha – Education
    • Paryavaran – Environment 
    • Parivahan – Transport
    • Grameen Vikas – Rural Development 
    • AI for Smart Cities 
    • Vidhi aur Nyay – Law & Justice 
  6. Students will also get a ‘Certificate of Appreciation through the web portal of the Program.
  • Shortlisted Students will attend an online deep dive into AI Training.
  • A 3-day Face-to-Face Boot Camp will be organized for Guidance by AI Coaches.
  • Students will gain knowledge through the training sessions.
  • Top projects will be Shortlisted after evaluation by an Expert Jury.
  1. Students will be provided with apprenticeship and guidance opportunities.
  2. Students will be invited to a national ceremony.
  1. Students will be awarded exclusive awards in three categories:
    1. Most inclusive Project Award
    2. Most futuristic Project Award
    3. Most Sustainable Project Award


What is the YUVAi Program?

This program is launched by the National e-Governance Division, Ministry of Education and Information Technology, YUVAi – Youth for Unnati and Vikas with AI will teach the student about Artificial Intelligence and students will be able to share their ideas.

Who can Participate in the YUVAi Program?

Students and Teachers from all Parts of the country including UTs from class 8th to class 12th will be eligible for the Program.

How to Register in the YUVAi Program?

Students and Teachers can register through the Participation Link available on the Website.

What are the Topics included in this National Program?

There are 8 topics included in the program: Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Environment, Transport, rural development, Smart cities, and Law and justice.

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