Arunachal Pradesh Mission Shiksha 2022 : Know the Benefits

Mission Shiksha
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MIssion shiksha 2022

There are several states of India providing good schemes for the residents and students of respective states. Arunachal Pradesh government introduced an awareness mission for students. The chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh Pema Khandu launched Mission Shiksha in 2022 for students to boost the education system in Arunachal Pradesh. Mission Shiksha will cover the rebuilding of the infrastructure of schools and colleges, Recruitment of teachers, Quality training of Teachers, and better evaluation of answer sheets. To know more about mission Shiksha please read the article till the end.

What is Mission Shiksha?

Chief Minister Pema Khandu launched Mission Shiksha with a 6 pillar approach to boost the education system in the State. This mission will focus on a better education system with better teachers in the schools, and scholarships for poor Children, mission will also help the teachers with appropriate transfer policy. 

Under this mission, the infrastructures of schools will be maintained and training will be given to teachers for better evaluation and teacher style. Early childhood care will also be given to students in India. This mission is dedicated to students of government primary schools.

Mission Shiksha: Key Highlights

Scheme NameMission Shiksha
Launch Year2022
Launched ByCM Pema Khandu
StateArunachal Pradesh
Official Website

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Mission Shiksha: Objective

Arunachal Pradesh-led Mission Shiksha was launched with some objectives which are given below

  • To enhance the quality of education in primary schools of the Arunachal Pradesh state.
  • To connect the schools with smart classes through the internet.
  • To give better training to teachers for better understanding of students of schools.
  • To enhance the level of evaluation of answer sheets.
  • To Enhance the infrastructure of the schools for better learning.
  • To increase the enrollment in the schools.
  • to enhance the quality education system for children.

Mission Shiksha: A 6 pillars Approach

  1. Infrastructure development of schools:  under Mission Shiksha, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh will develop the school infrastructure for better teaching styles in schools.
  2. Technology intervention: the school will be covered with digital studies, Smart Classes, and teaching through YouTube. Smart classes will be able to give better learning through 3D viewing of pictures. This will increase memory power through a better way of learning.
  3. Quality Training of Teachers: Teachers in state government are qualified with competitive exams but lack the experience in teaching the students, this is why training is required for them to teach the students. Training will be given by the experienced teacher to the newly recruited teachers.
  4. Early Childhood Care: School will give early childhood care to the nursery and playgroup students. Teachers will be trained to manage these small children.
  5. Performance Evaluation of Teachers and Students: Government Education authorities will check the performance of teachers and students. This will increase the awareness between Students and Teachers. The school with the best performance will get an award from the Government.
  6. Rationalization of teachers posting through appropriate transfer policy: Teachers always struggle for the transfer of their duty to a better place. The government of Arunachal Pradesh decided through Mission Shiksha that teachers would no longer struggle for their transfer. This will enhance the teaching style in the Schools.

This 6 pillar approach will be applied to change the state’s education system. All the government schools of Arunachal Pradesh will be covered under this mission.

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Mission Shiksha: Benefits

  • Mission Shiksha will help enrollment of students in the schools 
  • Students will get food under the PM Poshan Yojana every day.
  • Students will be able to learn with better teachers and Smart Classes.
  • School buildings will be decorated and rebuilt with good infrastructure.
  • Schools will have electricity and fans in every class.
  • Better learning will enhance the skills of students and will help them to innovate further in their life.

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What is Mission Shiksha?

Mission Shiksha was launched By the Arunachal Pradesh Government to boost education in the schools.

What is the objective of Mission Shiksha?

The objective of this mission is to increase the enrollment of the students and the education quality in the schools.

who will be benefitted from this Mission?

All the teachers and students will be benefitted from this mission

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