ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa 2024: Register Now Online & Know Benefits

ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa
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Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was established on 15 August 1969 with the objective of space Research by Indian Scientists. ISRO has launched many schemes and projects since its formation for students and Scientists. Recently ISRO chief S. Somnath launched the ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa Portal for Students who are fond of space research and projects. This project will be composed of many self-hosted Courses for students and quizzes related to Space Research. To know more about Online Registration and how to upload the Skypicks, Read this article till the end and you will learn a lot about Antriksh Jigyasa.

What is the ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa Portal?   

ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa is a project launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to give knowledge about Indian Space Research to Students. This is a Self Placed Platform for kids to showcase their Imagination and Creativity Toward Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Space.  This Platform will enable students to Submit Photography, Sketches, and Painting related to Space. ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa will give its virtual platform name Shiksha Gagan which will offer online courses to Learners On Space, Science, and technology. 

ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa

Key Highlights

Scheme NameISRO Antriksh Jigyasa
LocationAll Over The World
Launched ByISRO
CategoryEducation Related Schemes
Application modeOnline/Offline

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Objectives of the ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa

ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa

There are various Objectives of the Antriksh Jigyasa Portal which are given below:

  • To give public access through this Portal.
  • To innovate E-Learning Content on Space Science, Technology, and Application.
  • To enable students to upload Paintings, Sketches, and Pictures on the Antriksh Jigyasa Portal through Skypicks Initiative.
  • To provide knowledge and education through Shiksha Gagan course with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) for School Students and Professionals. 
  • To enable students to submit their innovative ideas on Space Technology through the Antriksh Navachar

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What are the benefits of the Antriksh Jigyasa?

There are several benefits of the ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa which are given below:

  • The Portal of Antriksh Jigyasa will be available to the Public.
  • Students and Learners will be able to learn about Space Technology and Space Research.
  • Through the Shiksha Gagan course, Students will be able to enroll themselves in the course on Space Science.
  • The student will be able to play the Quizzes on Space and will be able to win certificates from the ISRO.

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 ISRO Shiksha Gagan

ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa

It is a learning virtual platform that will offer self-paced online courses to Learners on Space Science and technology. Learners will able to register and log in to the ISRO E-CLASS Learning management system (LMS)

for accessing e-learning content and study materials. Learners will have to follow the course guidelines and login details will be activated for three months which means that the student will have to complete the course within this time frame after completion of the course, the Student will be able to get the Certificate from the ISRO. 

How to Register For ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa? 

ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa

To register online for the Shiksha Gagan course will have to follow the below steps:

  • The First step is to visit the Official Website the Antriksh Jigyasa.
  • Then you will able to see the Homepage of the Website.
  • Now Click Here to Register Online.
  • Enter your Name, E-mail, and Mobile Number 
  • Now make your Password, Select your Country, State and Choose your Profession.
  • Now click on Register Button and you will be registered for the next 3 months.
  • To Login to your account, use the same email address and Password. Click here to log in.


What is the Antriksh Jigyasa Portal?

This portal is launched by the ISRO for the public and learners to enable them to take part in courses offered by the ISRO and get certificates from the organization.

How to register for the Antriksh Jigyasa?

To register online for this Platform you will have to go to the official website and follow the steps given in the website.

What are the Objectives of the ISRO Antriksh Jigyasa?

The main objective of this initiative is to enable the learners to upload their designs the sketches and provide them with a free self-paced course in which they can learn and get Certificates.

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