Assam Book Fair 2022: Check the List of Cities

Assam Book Fair 2022
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The Government of Assam is taking major steps toward education. Students are shining with millions of colors and they are learning with government schemes and their effort. Today we are going to talk about the Assam Book Fair. There are various types of books that will be available at the Assam Book fair 2022. To know more about the organization of the book fair, about books, please read the article till the end.

What is Assam Book Fair 2022

Assam Book fair is an initiative by the government of Assam to give rise to new writers and Readers. Assam Book fair was jointly inaugurated by the Publication Board, Assam and, All Assam Publishers’ & Booksellers’ Association. The Assam Book fair will be organized between November and February. There are 4 cities selected for the fair Dhemaji, Jorhat, Guwahati, and Bongaigaon. There will be Various book writers and their best books and best sellers books will be available to buy for readers. They will not have to go anywhere to buy them. There will be about 150 book stalls and food stalls available for the readers. Last year Assam Book Fair was Organised in Guwahati with the integration of the State Bank of India. 

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Overview of Assam Book Fair 2022

TopicAssam Book fair 2022 
Beneficiaries Writers and Readers 
PrizeRs. 5 lakhs 
Official website

Objectives Assam Book Fair 2022

Some writers don’t get benefitted from Writing books, thus Assam Book fair 2022 will help them to grow and rise with better books.

  • To give rise to new readers in the organized book fair, so that they can get support from readers.
  • To give a one-stop center for readers to buy the best books from great writers.
  • Indian publications will also benefit from the Assam Book Fair.
  • To support various Assamese new writers to get featured in world magazines.
  • To give prizes to writers for empowering them.

Prizes in Assam Book fair 2022

Guwahati Book fair 2022 will take place from November 2022 to February 2023. There have been delays in the organization of the fair because of the flood that spread in Assam. In the Assam Book fair, the Book which will be most voted will be selected as the winner of the fair. The winner will be announced after the Ending of the Book Fair. The writer with the most votes from Readers will get a prize of Rs. 5 lakhs from the Assam Publication Board. This amount will support the ita error better future book writing. 

The Organization of Assam Book Fair 2022

The Assam Book Fair 2022 will be organized in Four cities Dhemaji, Jorhat, Guwahati, and  Bongaigaon. The proper location organization with dates is given below:

Dhemaji Kachari Maidan4-13 November 2022
Jorhat Kachari Maidan 2-11 December 2022
Assam Engineering Institute Ground, Guwahati29 December 2022 to 9 January 2023
Bongaigaon February-end

What will the prize be at Assam Book fair 2022? 

What is Assam Book fair 2022?

This fair is entirely based on the book stalls, in which many book stalls are set up with books. This fair is organized through joint integration of the Assam Publication Board and the Book sellers’ Association.

Who will organize the Assam Book Fair 2022? 

The organization will be done with the integration of the Publication Board of Assam and the All Assam Publisher & Book Sellers’ Association.

What will the prize be at Assam Book fair 2022? 

The winner will be given a cheque of Rs. 5 lakhs for his best work. The winner will be chosen based on the votes by Readers.

Where will the Assam Book fair 2022 organization take place?

The fair will be organized in 4 cities of Assam state and these cities are Dhemaji, Jorhat, Guwahati, and Bongaigaon. 

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